Terms and Conditions


Ordering products on the site Audiopass, Audiopass in the catalog is subject to acceptance by the purchaser, and implies acceptance without reservation by the latter, the full terms and conditions set out below . These terms and conditions imposed on the buyer regardless of specific clauses added by him - without the express permission of the seller and without regard to the publicity material issued by Audiopass. Acceptance of the buyer is marked by its electronic signature, embodied by the "approval click". This electronic signature handwritten signature value between the parties. This dual approach is equivalent to the buyer to acknowledge that he has read and understood and approved by all the conditions listed below. Under these conditions, Audiopass invites clients who have logged on its electronic catalog of distance to read the terms and conditions below before making any firm order for products in this catalog.

Article 1: PURPOSE

These general conditions of sale is to clarify the rights and obligations of the purchaser in respect of products sold in the catalog Audiopass, as part of a system of distance selling. The contract drawn up in case of actual control in the framework and under the conditions described in general terms of sale, is the regulation of distance selling, particularly as it follows the Code of consumption, as well as special provisions described below.


Offers shall be governed by these general conditions of sale is given the name and on behalf of the Company Audiopass Audiopass, a subsidiary of Varman energies SARL, N ° SIREN 512409640, registered with the RCS Toulouse.

The details of the company Audiopass are:

60bis Chemin des enlucs
31600 Seysses
Telephone: 0810 100 311
Internet address:


The products offered in the catalog Audiopass and whose distance selling is governed by these general conditions of sale have the following key features:

Products covered: the name, components, quantity, and the features are specified for each product in the catalog Audiopass.

All these elements are included in the order placed by the buyer. In any event, the picture presentation of the products offered in the catalog Audiopass are not contractual and can not bind the seller to the buyer.

The website photos are not contractual.

Geographic area covered by the offer: the offer referred to these general conditions of sale is restricted to countries of the European Union, Switzerland and the countries of the Maghreb.

Geographical area of ​​delivery: the offer under these terms and conditions of sale is restricted to countries of the European Union, Switzerland and the countries of the Maghreb.

Availability of good or service: the products featured in the catalog Audiopass and whose distance selling is governed by these general conditions of sale are available as the product in question appears on the electronic catalog Audiopass with the words available.

Methods and tips for using these elements are shown for each product offered in the catalog Audiopass later than upon delivery of the product concerned, or in the catalog itself in the event that the user use the product concerned is an essential element of the act of purchase (minimum age of use for toys, for example).

Delivery methods: the procedures surrounding the delivery of the product ordered by the buyer on the electronic catalog Audiopass are specified in section 9 below.


Offers of sale contained in the catalog Audiopass governed by these Terms of sale are valid for any product contained in this catalog as it remains online and while supplies last.

Article 5: PRICES

The price listed for each product listed in the catalog Audiopass euro. The price includes all taxes, including those fees are set at the date of acceptance of the offer by the purchaser under the conditions referred to in Article 6 below.

Shipping fees are listed in the catalog Audiopass for each product offered. The guaranteed price to the buyer is listed on the electronic catalog at the time of purchase, which is evidenced by the acceptance of the offer by the purchaser under the conditions referred to in Article 6 below. The price must be paid in full at time of order, subject to the conditions of withdrawal referred to in Article 7 below. The seller reserves the right to change at any time the sale price listed on its electronic catalog that they have time for the current day.


Acceptance of the offer by the buyer is implemented by the validation, through the electronic catalog, with "approval click" all of the following, some of which, in bold, must be supplemented by the buyer.

Name of Purchaser
Delivery address (if different)
Phone (optional)
Order Confirmation:
product description (with references)
quantity ordered - price
payment (credit card or check)
delivery terms
eventually, after-sales service.


The buyer has a withdrawal period of 7 (seven) days from receipt of product to the buyer to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund, without penalty, except costs return.
The right of withdrawal is subject to sending the vendor by the purchaser, the product delivered, and that the bank details of the buyer to the seller can make a refund if the buyer opts for redemption . Except as expressly stated by the buyer, the bank details for refund must be identical to those contained in the order validated by the purchaser at its initial order under the conditions referred to in article 6 above.

The delivered product must be returned to the following address:
60bis Chemin des enlucs
31600 Seysses

The costs resulting from that return postage is the responsibility of the buyer, provided that the conditions of the shipment and the return must be identical (Original packaging and shipping method identical). If returned due to an error in delivery, Audiopass reimburse Chronopost references only.

Once the buyer has exercised his right of withdrawal within the prescribed period, the seller agrees to pay promptly all sums paid, excluding the cost of return referred to above, subject that the product is shipped back to seller in original packaging intact and clean. In particular, the withdrawal option can never play if the products were delivered clearly have been sustainable use (beyond a few minutes), or where physical appearance has been degraded and / or subject to change.

Article 8: PAYMENT

The buyer must pay by credit card, bank check or Paypal payment in full of his order when he accepted the offer to sell Audiopass under the conditions referred to in Article 6 above, and subject the exercise of its right of withdrawal under section 7 above. The seller agrees to all national credit cards. The buyer guarantees Audiopass, during the validation of his order, he is in good standing with respect to the issuer of the credit card or check. Validation by the buyer of the communication of his credit card number or check to the address of the seller provided under the validation order under section 6 above, constitutes acceptance by the buyer from paying the full price corresponding to his order. The buyer's order is recorded as of the date the full payment of the buyer's order was received by the seller.

Where the payment is irregular, incomplete or nonexistent, for any reason whatsoever, Audiopass reserves the right to block the delivery of the ordered product or to claim, without limit of time, the product concerned by the contested order
Any deferred payment by bank transfer will be systematically denied and orders canceled.
Payment by check must be received within 7 working days after the date of the order or the order will be canceled and surrendered items in stock available to other visitors.

Article 9: DELIVERY

The product ordered is delivered by mail to the address on the order of the buyer. This address may differ from the address of the payer. In the event that the buyer is not present at the delivery of the ordered product on the electronic catalog Audiopass, he must go out of its delivery to the address given by the postmaster or the carrier and manner specified by the latter on the notice left at the delivery address.

Failing to withdraw within the delivery of such opinion, the relevant parcel is returned to the vendor, who reserves the right to refund the buyer as soon as possible - the cost of return shipment of the total amount being retained of the order - and keep the proceeds that he had ordered. In any case, the product can be delivered to a post office. In case of non-compliance of the product delivered as indicated in the order of or damage due to transport conditions prevailing at the time of delivery, the seller undertakes to remedy or reimburse the buyer, under the conditions referred to in Article 11 below. In case of damage, the buyer makes its reserves with precision and clarity on the delivery order, a duplicate is sent by post or by carrier to the seller. In this regard, it is the buyer to check the contents, conformity and condition of product upon delivery. Such verification is deemed to have occurred when the buyer, or a person authorized by it, signed the delivery note presented by the postmaster or the carrier. Delivery time is indicated for each book in the catalog. Generally, delivery takes place normally within 4 working days maximum from the acceptance of the offer by the buyer, under the conditions referred to in Article 6 above. This delay is only indicative, and the seller can not be held liable for exceeding this limit. In particular, the extension of this deadline code can give rise to any cancellation of the order, no reduction in the price paid by the purchaser, and no payment of damages

Where the buyer chooses a delivery without signature, notification by mail of the parcel (directly to the buyer, or a neighbor, or a caretaker) will act for the seller to deliver good control and settle the transaction. The responsibility of society Audiopass would be taken if the buyer was not in possession of his articles, no refund can be demanded by the purchaser.

The shop Audiopass recommends choosing a delivery against signature (to be selected on the Shipping page during checkout process)


Without prejudice to the legal guarantee against hidden under section 1641 of the Civil Code, the buyer benefits if a commercial guarantee of 7 (seven) days.

The application of the guarantee is conditional on use of the product under normal conditions. It is also subject to supply by the purchaser, at its expense, delivered product-guaranteed contract to Audiopass, Audiopass, 60bis Chemin des enlucs Seysses 31600, accompanied by the original invoice, including the Buyer will retain a copy. Where the contractual guarantee is destined to play, the seller agrees, at its expense and the buyer's choice when it is possible either to restore the product delivered, or if the exchange such restoration is not reasonably possible, or else to repay.

If the buyer opts for an exchange, it can wear on a product that strictly identical to those originally ordered by the buyer, except if the product is no longer available on the date of implementation of the contractual warranty, either temporarily or as a result of the disappearance of the electronic catalog Audiopass. In this case, a product similar to initially delivered is sent to the buyer as soon as possible.


In the absence of explicit opposition on its part, the buyer gives his consent to use personal data collected under its command, under the seller's customer file.

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, the buyer has at any time a right of access and rectification. In this case, it must apply to Audiopass, 60bis Chemin des enlucs Seysses 31600.

Regarding the information provided for the payment by credit card, the seller guarantees the buyer that they are not kept by him or by Audiopass after the settlement of the order by the buyer


This contract is subject to French law, in particular articles L. L. 121-16 to 121-20 of the Consumer Code

Failing amicable settlement, disputes relating to orders placed under this Offer shall in all cases and regardless of the number of parties to the dispute, the jurisdiction of the courts of Toulouse.

The fact that the seller does not claim a breach of any of the obligations borne by the buyer, governed by these Terms of Sale can not be construed as a waiver for the future the obligation in question, the right for the buyer to take advantage later of the breach