Our goal is to offer the widest audience possible, the opportunity to hear music with maximum realism. To achieve this goal, we offer products related musicality / great price.

We've established some important choices. For example, at conception, each book is studied by corroborating measurements and plays simultaneously.
Another important choice is the absence of certain elements may deteriorate the quality of sound reproduction.

So, for example, correcting bass and treble that have many defects: make non-linear frequency response and phase, bring color and noise, affect the transparency and system dynamics.

Similarly, we chose to develop our products from completely symmetrical structure, and disconnecting them as much as possible each channel. Moreover, our amplifiers are usually constructed without binding capacity, so as not to color the audio response. This bold choice imposes constraints to protect the speakers, we found that constraints in integrating active devices and protective supervision.

Wanting to correct any deficiencies in pregnant or listening room through the back markers to correct a fault by another, even more damaging as endangering the integrity of high-fidelity.